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Do you provide your students with reading lists beyond the textbook in your courses? The library provides services to help make the task easier for both you and your students.

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Looking for information on using the Course Reserves collection? Try here.

Course Reserves

If you have a mix of physical resources (e.g., books, DVDs, photocopied articles, student-authored works) and digital resources (e.g., full-text articles, web documents, faculty-authored resources), course reserves might be a good option.

Whether they are library-owned materials or your personal copies, we can house physical items in a secure location, provide a single access point on our web site for both physical and digital resources, and manage the lending of physical items to your students.

Course Reading Lists

Working from your course reading list, we can provide you with copyright-compliant, stable, persistent links to digital resources available from the library's licensed databases and journals, or from the open web. We'll even advise you on use of print materials, too.

We'll do all the work; just tell us what you want us to do with the results:

  • send the annotated list back to you so you can add the readings to your Blackboard or other course web site; and/or
  • create a course reserves page (ideal if your course reading list includes physical items as well).

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