Liaison Librarians

Departments, Programs, and Schools

Department/Program/SchoolLibrarianFaculty Contact
Adult Education Colleen Bell Seonaigh MacPherson
Agriculture Martin Warkentin Tom Baumann / Paul Gumprich
Applied Business Technology Selena Karli Christine Nehring
Art History Patti Wilson Jill Bain

Hongfei Li (on sabbatical)
Hui-Hui Ou (acting)

Allan Arndt
Business Administration Colleen Bell Frank Ulbrich
Chemistry Hongfei Li (on sabbatical)
Hui-Hui Ou (acting)
David Fenske
Child, Youth, and Family Studies Colleen Bell Cindy Rammage
Communications Diane Cruickshank Gloria Borrows
Computer Information Systems Hongfei Li (on sabbatical)
Hui-Hui Ou (acting)
Talia Q
Continuing Education Selena Karli Liana Thompson
Criminology and Criminal Justice Patti Wilson Yvon Dandurand
Dental Assisting Martin Warkentin (acting) Karen Klenk
Economics Brenda Philip Michael Maschek
Engineering Martin Warkentin (acting) Peter Mulhern
English Patti Wilson Trevor Carolan
English Language Studies (aka ESL) Selena Karli Helen Butner
General Studies, Bachelor of Patti Wilson  
Geography and the Environment Brenda Philip Michelle Rhodes
Graphic and Digital Design Patti Wilson Karin Jager
Health Care Assisting Martin Warkentin (acting) Gianina Bocsanu
History Mary-Anne MacDougall Adrianna Bakos
Kinesiology Diane Cruickshank Alastair Hodges
Library and Information Technology Colleen Bell Christina Neigel
Mathematics and Statistics Hongfei Li (on sabbatical)
Hui-Hui Ou (acting)
Ian Affleck
Modern Languages Selena Karli Ghizlane Laghzaoui
Nursing Martin Warkentin (acting)  JoAnne Nelmes
Philosophy Mary-Anne MacDougall Jeffrey Morgan
Physics Martin Warkentin (acting) Robin Kleiv
Political Science Mary-Anne MacDougall Edward Akuffo
Practical Nursing Martin Warkentin (acting) Debbie Jobb
Psychology Brenda Philip Sven Van de Wetering
Social, Cultural, and Media Studies Brenda Philip Darren Blakeborough
Social Work and Human Services Colleen Bell Robert Harding
Teacher Education Heather Compeau Vandy Britton
Theatre Diane Cruickshank Heather Davis-Fisch
Trades and Technology Martin Warkentin Randy Kelley
Upgrading and University Preparation Selena Karli Greg St. Hilaire
Visual Arts Patti Wilson Jill Bain

Research Centres and Institutes

Centre/InstituteLibrarianFaculty Contact
Canada - India Chair Mary-Anne MacDougall DJ Sandhu
Centre for Criminal Justice Research Patti Wilson Irwin Cohen
Centre for Education and Research on Aging Colleen Bell Andrea Hughes
South Asian Studies Institute Mary-Anne MacDougall Satwinder Bains
Global Development Institute Mary-Anne MacDougall Cherie Enns
Human Performance Laboratory Diane Cruickshank Chris Bertram
Statistical Consulting Centre Hongfei Li Ali Reza Fotouhi

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