Course Reserves

About Course Reserves

Course reserves are materials selected by UFV professors as required or supplementary readings for a course. They may be from the library collection or brought in by your professor, and include books, periodical articles, answer keys, lecture notes, maps, videos and more. Items on reserve are listed by course number and professor's name. Physical items have short loan periods and high overdue fines.

  • You must show your UFV ID card to sign out reserves, even if you are only making copies.
  • Course reserves are listed in the UFV Library Catalogue by professor's name and course number. Please have the course number and title of the item available when you make your request.
  • Course reserves can not be transferred between campuses.
  • Course reserves must be returned to the library where they were signed out.
  • Course reserves may not be placed on hold or renewed.

Search for Items on Reserve

Type your course number (e.g., ENGL 105 or just ENGL) or professor's last name into the search box, then click on the appropriate button below. Tip: If you aren't sure how to spell your professors's last name, just type the first few letters.

Loan Periods and Fines

Loan periods are determined by your professor:

  • Loan periodOverdue fine
  • 2 hours, 4 hours$1.00 per hour
  • 1 day, 2 days, 3 days, 7 days$2.00 per day

Items with a 2-hour or 4-hour loan period may be restricted to in-library use only. You will be informed of this when you check out the items.

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