Noise in the Library


The UFV libraries are shared spaces that strive to accommodate diverse studying needs and maintain a respectful environment for all library users. This policy is intended to inform all library users of appropriate use and noise levels and the consequences of non-compliance. All users (including students, staff, faculty, and community users) are subject to this noise policy.

In order to facilitate the different needs of library users, the libraries have established zones for quiet conversation and for silent study. This policy outlines the behavioural expectations of library users working in these two zones. Please note that we may not able to control ambient noise from outside the library or zone.

Quiet Conversation Zones

Library users in these areas may converse at a respectful, quiet volume, which does not interfere with other users’ ability to write, research or study.

  • Individual study or group study is allowed.
  • Location of zones:

Silent Study Zones

Silent Study zones allow users to write, research, or study without the interference or disruption of noise from other library users in the immediate area.

  • No talking or conversation is permitted in these zones.
  • Individual study is expected. Group work is not allowed in these areas.
  • Location of zones:
    • Abbotsford: all public areas on the second floor, including the silent study rooms
    • Chilliwack: individual study carrels on the south wall

Consequences of Non-compliance

When necessary, library staff will remind library users of the noise policy. Library users being disturbed by noise are encouraged to ask library staff to intervene. Those users who do not comply with the noise policy after being warned will be asked to leave the library premise.

In the event of repeated disruptive behaviour, proceedings will be followed as outlined in the library's Conduct Policy.

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