Audiovisual Services

About Audiovisual Services

The services described here are available to current students and employees.

Video Collections

The UFV Library has a collection of DVDs and VHS videos that are available for personal viewing, as well as group viewing, also known as performance. Performance of our videos is subject to certain restrictions.

We also have several collections of streaming videos, which can be viewed online from both on and off campus, as well as shown in class.

Showing Films on Campus

Public performance of films and videos may be restricted by copyright law &/or licenses negotiated by UFV.

Educational Use

Educational use provisions in the Copyright Act allow the showing of films and videos in the classroom, so long as the audience is primarily students, the recording is a legal, commercially obtained copy, and no profit is gained. There is no need for a public performance license within this context. 

Video Bookings

We recommend that faculty and students pre-book DVDs and videos for their specific show date. DVDs and videos may be booked up to 4 months in advance.

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Requesting Videos Not at UFV

We will borrow DVDs or videos from other B.C. post-secondary libraries on your behalf. Use the interlibrary loan request form.

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