Placing Full-text Articles or Web Documents on E-reserve


Complete the course reading list request form

Fill out the form online and attach a Word document containing your reading list. Check the option to have the library create a course reserves page; if you already have a course reserves page for your course, we will add these links to it.

  • For full-text articles, provide the full article citation (author, title of article, journal title, volume, issue, page numbers). The library will create a course reserve record with a persistent link to the specific article. Links will work from both on and off campus.
  • For web documents on the public internet, provide the title of the website or document and the URL. The library will create a course reserve record that links to the web document.
  • Links to e-reserves will become dormant and no longer show in the library catalogue at the end of the semester.

Please allow one week for processing.

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